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Aug. 5th, 2009 11:43 pm
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So it turns out that I really like sewing.

...wait, no.

Sew it turns out that I really like sewing., that's worse.

ANYWAY I have been sewing and stuff for the last week, and I so far have two totally finished (and cute) shirts out of it, and three or four half-finished shirts (also cute). This is not counting the skirt, pants, tunic, and various commissions.

But now that I am not a total sewing noob, I need a better sewing machine and wow, you guys, nice sewing machines are pretty expensive.

In totally unrelated news, I really love Battlestar Galactica BUT I'M ONLY LIKE THREE-QUARTERS OF THE WAY THROUGH THE SECOND SEASON SO DON'T SPOIL ME (any more, that is) OKAY? Please and thank you.
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I know that my tweets stopped updating automatically, so there's been basically tumbleweeds blowing through my LJ lately, but I promise that I was legitimately busy and that there will be a real update telling of the wonder that was Comic Con (and frantically sewing for Comic Con) shortly.

As soon as we stop being in San Diego and looking at how pretty it is. How can I concentrate when there is a beach right here?
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Am currently muddying my way through Stephen's part ten (much easier once I realized there was a big fistfight because these boys, honestly) and...side characters. They confound me! I get all into fleshing them out so the background seems real and suddenly it's all I can draw! God only knows what will happen once I get the chance to write about it!

I think probably it has something to do with the kissings. Also the hypocrisy. The reason there is a fistfight, you see, is because these two guys are being rude and intolerant and homophobic. And in my head, these two guys were always Heterosexual Life Partners. Except, apparently, less so on the heterosexual part. Which makes things automatically hilarious in my head because it has been planned for some time that they would be giving Max (and now Edwards) shit about being gay (even though at this particular point, Max has no idea either he or Edwards is).

MY POINT IS THESE ARE MINOR CHARACTERS who only exist because I needed something for Edwards to do for Max in a "I'll save you!" capacity. And I spent all day coloring them! And now drawing them! Baaaaaah minor characters.


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