Apr. 4th, 2010 01:37 am
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Tired, feeling like crap, threw up my delicious dinner, started my period, still have to write a five-page paper on the definition of censorship and a one-page paper in Spanish, won't have time tomorrow because it's family Easter, which means I'll probably get involved in arguments with my family about religion, haven't been back to my room in way too long, didn't get my daily minimum of hugs.

However, I did color eggs, and I did get to shindig, I'll see my mom, my cats, and my dogs tomorrow, there will be yummy burgers, plenty of hard-boiled eggs, lots of candy, I'll get to show off some art, and I'm currently listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack. Also papers on censorship are super easy for me to write, because I automatically start ranting and fill the space before I know it.

I would like to find my hair curlers and curl my hair a few days before I chop some of it off. I'm not planning on it, but as much as I like my hair like this, I've had pretty much the same hairstyle and color for two years now. I can't afford to bleach and dye it, but I can afford to painstakingly cut my hair myself.

Now, I'm going to try to do some writing before I blow up the air mattress and pass out.
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So I have a funny story about perseverance and putting yourself out there and romance and everything, but you know what? It's a ridiculous story anyway, and it all boils down to:

My life is utterly fucking crazy.

Upside of this is that I kind of have a boyfriend now. And also that I am really liking college! Today, I got offered free bananas by a girl on my floor I don't really know (I think her name is Melissa?) just because she had them on her smoothie and doesn't like them and I had my door open. Madness.

College. Yes.

In non-school related news: I fucking love the new Kill Hannah album (Wake Up The Sleepers). It's, um, killing me with awesome. So did Legally Blonde (the musical) which I saw over the weekend and now own the soundtrack to.

Not awesome, though, is me losing my freaking contact boxes so I don't know what to order ughghghgfffffffuuuuuu
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Say what you will about Country music, there is little better when you've got it bad for someone and you're not quite sure if that is amazing or terrifying.

In summary: <3 country music.
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I didn't realize how great (and long) the last year in music was until halfway through the Grammy's.

Yay music a lot.


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