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Say what you will about Country music, there is little better when you've got it bad for someone and you're not quite sure if that is amazing or terrifying.

In summary: <3 country music.
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So, got my letter for ASU, got my letter for the $9000 scholarship for ASU. Busy with rehearsals and AP homework. Also with being a silly girl. It's very time-consuming.

Busy busy busy. Haven't even written anything in like a week, even though I have a couple different outlines and more than one story burning a hole in my brain. It's awesome.
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That is all.

(If you excuse me, I have to go die now.)
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Now that the big family Christmas is out of the way, I put all my gifts away and cleaned my room, so now I am free to start working in earnest again.

...I honestly have no idea how I feel about that. I mean, I was doing work, but it was all going towards Shannon's gift, and really wasn't part of a longer narrative (though since I basically ended up giving Shannon a book for Christmas devised entirely of BACKSTORY I guess it is part of a longer narrative after all, ha). Now I really need to get back into the swing of Stephen's and websiting (since I now have two helpful books on HTML as well as the internet at large, in my room, as resources) and enjoying the fact that I have no classes to be behind in.

But it seems silly to get back in the swing of working just now, since Sophie will be here tomorrow and then I will just have a week of her. I mean, she is here so I spend the time working? That's a not. But then right after she leaves I start rehearsals for Bajour!

I guess the bottom line is, it is now Christmas and I need to either do work or go to bed, because the work at least is going to become a luxury.

...in other news, I have a very odd work ethic.
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So...I got the part.

Which is totally cool and everything! Except it just hit me...

...I have to sing like seven songs in this show. And I'm always onstage, talking. WHY DID I WANT A LEAD ROLE WHAT but no seriously this is so freaking cool.


Nov. 28th, 2008 10:49 pm
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Okay, so auditions for Bajour were Monday and Tuesday. Since Tuesday was my birthday, I auditioned Monday. The cast list was supposed to go up Wednesday, then Thursday was Thanksgiving and we had off today.

Cast list didn't go up Wednesday. Callback list went up after lunch. I'm on it. Along with (for the part I want, at least) one girl I know the director likes in the role of Emily (who sings very well) and a girl who has, since freshman year, gotten a major part and sings--okay, sometimes, when she is reading in our English class, I forget to pay attention to what we are reading because her voice is so pretty I just like to listen to the sounds. THAT IS WHAT I AM UP AGAINST. I really want this part and now I am very worried about it. I mean, I'm the only one of us who's been in the drama magnet, and I know Ms. St. J likes me and knows I'm dependable and all, and I could give good odds that I am the one with the least potential for scheduling conflicts, but I didn't just get called back for acting, I got called back for singing. (As an aside, this means I will be missing lunch and staying after school on Monday.) While I have confidence in my chemistry with the two guys who are up for the male romantic lead, because I know them and like them and what-all, I have slightly less confidence in my ability to sing soprano. On the other hand, Emily has to be pretty comedic and doesn't sing very high, which, guess what, are two things I can totally do onstage! But I've never really had a lead part, or a romantic part, except for this last play where I got married but didn't actually like the guy, which was the closest I've ever gotten to a romantic part in my whole life.

But I love this show and I really want this part and no matter what, this is probably the best I've ever done in an audition, and either way I will be involved in the show and since I kinda want to marry this musical, that's a good thing. Also, I have a huge crush on one of the guys up for the lead role, and I am much more confident about his chances of success than my own, so I'll probably be spending a whole hell of a lot of time with him no matter what. Which is also good.



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