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I had a really great day. A really, really great day. See, this is what happens when you wear an Indiana Jones-style adventuring hat. Good things happen.

Good random makeouts happen.

...Well, random is probably stretching it. For that matter, so is makeout. I mean, I don't think a year and a half of Will They or Won't They and SnapBack buildup is really random. Still, it felt random at the time. And freakin' sweet.

In other news, I have done no writing at all since Monday! Though I do have a random subplot rattling around my head...for which there is no story. Why do I have a subplot and no main plot? Usually, it is the other way around. But that is slightly more useful. I mean, what can I do with just a subplot? NOT A LOT.

In yet more other news, tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live was actually mildly amusing. Wow!

Also, I love e.e. cummings. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Have for a while now.

Also also: I am now a senior. Part of me wants to be like WOOHOO, and part of me is wondering why the hell I'm not out of high school yet. Though given how fast this last year went...(What do you mean it's May?)

I reiterate, however! A good day. A really, amazingly good day that I'm sure will crash down around my ears in a few days/weeks. Oh well. At least I can enjoy it for now, eh?

p.s. let's all pretend I didn't lapse into trope there in the middle, shall we?
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Okay, so I gave into the peer pressure encouragement.

From now on, For Want of a Physicist will be available for your reading pleasure at its own journal, [livejournal.com profile] fwoap. That will be updating every day or so until it's caught up to where I've posted here, with the chapters posted there being deleted from here as I go.

I will also be doing some editing in the process of transferring them from journal to journal, so if you'd like to see the differences, that's how to go about it.

Forward, into my mad descent adventure! And whatnot.

On a completely unrelated note, I hung out with my also unrelated sister-cousin Chelsie today. 'Twas fun! We had dinner and saw a movie. There was surprisingly little catching up to do, given that we haven't seen each other in two years. She has a job and a boyfriend, and I have a hole in my face. Also, she was totally at a strip club last night with her boyfriend, which I found hilarious.

On another unrelated note, I sound even more like a teenager in real life!


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