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Dear Holly Poly Writer

Overall Big Likes

People opening up established relationships, couples deciding they want to date someone as a couple, one-time things turning into long-term relationships, trans characters, negotiation, ladies being important and competent and not sidelined by the narrative. Also Standard Rom Com tropes--if you'd see it in like a Sandra Bullock movie, I will probably enjoy it. I am totally okay with skating over rl-style homophobia/etc and just having people accept the poly relationships and the gay, I am willing to accept basically any handwave.

Also, not that porn is a necessity, but bdsm and especially femdom are way great and appreciated.

I love to read fluff and be happy but I also love to read sad things and cry about it, so I won't be disappointed one way or the other. I just love fic that makes me feel things, but luckily for you, I am super emotional to begin with!

Overall Big Dislikes

People being in relationships where they don't seem like they're even friends, or would be friends if they weren't sleeping together.


I love case fic, but I'm not super keen on the stuff where they go after a Big Real Myth (DB Cooper, the Spruce Goose) just because it's really hard to like live up to the legend. I also love competence porn and the team teaching each other their skills.

I am probably never going to get enough of them getting together, no matter how it happens or even in what order. I also love them being domestic, in their weird ways (because they are all weird), and figuring out what that means for them.

Dragon Age

So this is important: mages! Mages' rights! Mages forever! I'm not totally against acknowledging templars can be good (Ser Barris, Ser Evangeline) but I am so heavily mage-rights and you should probably know that.


My Warden who romanced Alistair was a city elf, but tbh Alistair is so in love with the Warden no matter what I'm not married to the idea.




I usually play purple ie jokey Hawke, but I'm not totally married to the idea. I actually really love reading about other people's Hawkes so feel free to go as specific as you want.

Due South

I love case fic, as mentioned above, but in a complete reversal from above, taking on real world myths or cases or what have you (or thinly veiled replacements for famous events) are great, because if it's completely silly, well, it's due South, so silly is okay. In fact, for me, silly due South is great.

Also just because sometimes they get left out of shippy fics, I love the secondary cast. Diefenbaker is especially dear to me, but I love the precinct also.

Mass Effect

I love weird alien biology, the weirder the better. Honestly Mass Effect didn't go far enough for me in canon, so if you want to weird it the heck up I will be all over it. Also I really enjoy the idea of Tali and Garrus taking Shep to dextro restaurants on dates, because majority rules Commander! Sorry your chemical makeup doesn't understand how hard it is to get reservations here!

I am also one hundred percent willing to accept whatever handwaves you have for Shepard surviving ME3.

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