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One of the qualifications to being a father is to enjoy HORRIBLE jokes.

I'm basing this theory on my experience with fathers, and on tales told by others about their own fathers, and said fathers' love for HORRIBLE jokes.

I don't think I know one father who doesn't make horrendous puns and tell bad jokes all the time. I know some people who do who aren't fathers, but I don't know any fathers who don't.

So, even though this theory is probably FALSE, I am going to call it true until I am personally presented with evidence to the contrary.

In other news, it is nine o' clock and I have only been awake for three hours. Sleep schedule: officially fucked up.

Also, I am house-sitting for my former teacher at the moment (and for the next week and a half). I have mostly been playing with her dogs, reading, and sewing. And by sewing, I mean getting very very frustrated at how I have lost my directions for the two main projects I am working on right now.

Man, you wouldn't expect there to be this much alcohol in a teacher's house, but here it is. In the fridge and an entire cupboard. And there are like four toilets in this house! And three showers! Only two people live here! I don't understand!
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My exciting news for today is that I hate actors I wrote nearly 2000 words of smut.

And also I hate actors. Rather, I hate when my actors forget that I am their director as well as their friend, and that the director-bit takes precedence over the friendness. And by actors-plural, I mean my lead, Sonja. Sigh.

(this icon is totally necessary because not only do actors make me angry, the smut stars a vampire. I am so very clever.)


Nov. 28th, 2008 10:49 pm
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Okay, so auditions for Bajour were Monday and Tuesday. Since Tuesday was my birthday, I auditioned Monday. The cast list was supposed to go up Wednesday, then Thursday was Thanksgiving and we had off today.

Cast list didn't go up Wednesday. Callback list went up after lunch. I'm on it. Along with (for the part I want, at least) one girl I know the director likes in the role of Emily (who sings very well) and a girl who has, since freshman year, gotten a major part and sings--okay, sometimes, when she is reading in our English class, I forget to pay attention to what we are reading because her voice is so pretty I just like to listen to the sounds. THAT IS WHAT I AM UP AGAINST. I really want this part and now I am very worried about it. I mean, I'm the only one of us who's been in the drama magnet, and I know Ms. St. J likes me and knows I'm dependable and all, and I could give good odds that I am the one with the least potential for scheduling conflicts, but I didn't just get called back for acting, I got called back for singing. (As an aside, this means I will be missing lunch and staying after school on Monday.) While I have confidence in my chemistry with the two guys who are up for the male romantic lead, because I know them and like them and what-all, I have slightly less confidence in my ability to sing soprano. On the other hand, Emily has to be pretty comedic and doesn't sing very high, which, guess what, are two things I can totally do onstage! But I've never really had a lead part, or a romantic part, except for this last play where I got married but didn't actually like the guy, which was the closest I've ever gotten to a romantic part in my whole life.

But I love this show and I really want this part and no matter what, this is probably the best I've ever done in an audition, and either way I will be involved in the show and since I kinda want to marry this musical, that's a good thing. Also, I have a huge crush on one of the guys up for the lead role, and I am much more confident about his chances of success than my own, so I'll probably be spending a whole hell of a lot of time with him no matter what. Which is also good.



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