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Brain doesn't shut up.

Got Google Chrome today. Loving it so far.

Number of times made fun of by teachers: too many to count. (Including one today implying that I was unsure of my gender. Way to go, Decker! Doc's comment about my ridiculously tiny feet pales in comparison.)

Got parts in The Birds today. I am an activist and the emo-teen messenger goddess Iris. Well, she wasn't emo in the script, but she is now! And she has a page and a half monologue, plus several other scenes. Oh well. (On the other hand, I get to curse someone when he tries to kiss me, which is just funny.)

I've been neglecting Livejournal lately because Twitter makes it feel kind of redundant. On a related note: I am so glad I have unlimited texting.

In case anyone missed the memo, I love pens. And also spies.

And also House omg the PI guy is amazing I want him to staaaaay even though I am sad that Wilson was like "kthx bai". (also, Wilson sucks.)

Oh! And funny story! The guy I marry in The Birds is played by the same guy I kill in our scene for the Utah Shakespeare festival! In The Birds, I hate him but end up marrying him. In Richard III, I am a loyal servant of his, and then I end up basically killing him. This has no bearing on anything and just sort of amuses me.

Also, I love Due South. With a passion. But DO NOT ever try to finish an episode of Due South during the commercial breaks for House. They just do not go well together.

And for everyone following me on Twitter (meaning like four people--sorry, five now), this entry is nothing but reiteration! Ahahaha.
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Okay, so I just churned out seven pages of gender-swapped Hartigan brothers stuff. This is what happens when you let me write from Jubal's point of view! (well, it really is Jewel's, whatever) I get super carried away and oh my god I don't even know how long this is going to go on because there is still a lot of stuff to go.


...I should really be working on the epilogue because really, the bragging rights of having really finished a book don't work when you still have about 1700 words to go. And I really need to have a print version like the first week of school, so I can walk into Decker's class and be all HA! (he has been doubting my evaluation of the writing situation, and I would love to prove him very very wrong, very very obnoxiously.)

Also, one would never be able to tell that Decker is one of my favorite teachers ever by how I've talked about him here. Ahaha.
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Things actually said today in class:

-Religion is JUST like sexual assault.

-Uncle Mexico needs you!

-I'm in love with Jonathan Coulton the same way I'm in love with George Washington.

-Hi ho Silver!
(Silver, dude, he just called you a ho.)

Keep in mind, this is a six-hour Honors summer school course taken by what are generally acknowledged to be the smart kids. Yes. (As a fun game, try to guess which ones I personally said.)

ALSO man, I have had way too much fun these last two chapters of FWOAP with minor characters. Nathan and Marco's entirely different ways of freaking out about the same thing amuse the hell out of me.

also that last one about hi ho silver was not actually said. But for some reason, I wrote it down and put it in the same place as the others. Not sure why. It is amusing, though.
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I just spent the last two days writing a lecture on art fundamentals. I covered techniques and art forms, and Decker is going to go over the history once I'm done.

I have the best examples ever. Seriously. They're basically flash cards, only they're kind of more complex than flash cards usually are. And then I have origami to illustrate forms, and some crochet for when I talk about textiles, and a picture of a mime from the New York subway for when I talk about Performance Art. I couldn't find any clay or crayons, but I think I got examples of every other type of medium except for some of the weirder paints that, honestly, no one could be expected to have lying around.

I also gave in and drew a picture of Ford as a girl. And then I drew the Hartigan sisters. It's awesome. And hot.

(also I finished watching all the commentary on Buffy seasons I had. Man. Sad! And hilarious. "Dear Drew, I love Clem. Thank you. Good bye.")
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I have been ridiculously busy. I should not be busy. But I am. 'Tis very strange.

Also! I have finished typing up Chapter One of Silver Chain, which is what I started for NaNoWriMo last year, also known as the only thing I've thought about for longer than a week for...damn, I think it's three years now. I NEED TO FINISH THIS BOOK. I am on Chapter Twenty-Three right now, about 300 pages in (I have no idea how many words, other than more than 80k), but there were requests to read (and hopefully edit) the first parts without having to struggle through last year's rushed NaNo handwriting. So I typed it up and printed it out; this also makes it easier for me to edit.

And now for the long, rambling talk on my life! Feel free to skip. Not really important, anyway. Unless you care about KOL Con, so I will talk about that first. )

Okay, tired and empty of rants now. To bed. After a glass of water.


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