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Is it weird that I'm kind of envious of people who can write a short story? I mean, I've had writer friends tell me they wished they could write longer stuff like me, but I kind of wish I could get a story to a manageable length. For one thing, it's easier to finish, which lets you feel more accomplished. It's also a little easier to sell, from my understanding, though that doesn't seem to be much of an issue anymore, since I keep getting sewing commissions and school is about to start, so my financial aid should be taking care of most of the necessities soon.

But it still frustrates me that nearly all of my ideas are for long, oftentimes meandering projects that take forever and often depend on some other knowledge.

On that note, however, work on SNDE is, while not exactly zooming along, still going pretty well. I can at least write it in pieces without a problem. Most of the time, I have to write in order for things to make sense, and that's a little obnoxious. But I've got a good outline and a solid idea of how things go, so I can just write whatever bit I'm feeling that day. It's nice.

I realize I still haven't done a comic con post, but I promise I still will. I'm still in the recovery process. Also I have a sewing commission to finish for a school friend, and she wants it before she moves into school--the week before I do. :/
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One: Comics should not be this addicting.

Two: We should probably actually do something as long as Sophie is here.

Three: Writing outlines is not difficult. Plots, however, still are.

Four: Holy shit that is a huge monster I am so glad I am not playing this game.

That is all.
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I am so angry at everything right now. I am so tempted to just go take a shower and call it a night, because seriously, I fail to see how anything could be worth all this shit. I would rather go to the crappy in-state college with my friends and get kicked out of AP than finish all this crap when it is all ACTIVELY FIGHTING ME.

Also: haven't been able to write all weekend and that is probably part of the reason I am so pissy because SERIOUSLY WTF.

ETA: Okay, took a shower and feeling better now. Still frustrated with the whole application thing. Seriously, ASU is looking better and better everyday, if only because their electronic paperwork is FUNCTIONAL. (Okay, that's not the only reason.)

Now doing research for a book idea I got that I could, for once, sell; let's just say that NA and possibly other twelve step programs would be fairly important, so I've been doing research to refresh my memory, and really, I am completely unable to imagine my childhood without these influences.

Also, would probably need to start going to meetings with Dad again, which I'm sure would make him very happy, but I don't know if he goes to any meetings on days when I am unlikely to have school or rehearsal. Or at times I can be there. Whatever, I'll just talk to him about it.

YES I AM PRETTY EXCITED BY THIS IDEA. Still, kinda depressing A LITTLE, so I'm going to write about WITCHES and eat another COOKIE or two. Kthxbai.


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