Feb. 23rd, 2010 12:36 am
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All work and hanging out with family members and no physical contact beside the occasional high-five is simply not feasible for me.

I felt like I was losing my mind.

My solution: more high-fives. Also playing with kids. Having a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old attacking me and beeping my nose was pretty much exactly the right cure. I mean, besides going out and jumping someone for guerrilla cuddles.

...Now that I think about it, that sounds pretty awesome, actually.

ANYWAY. I should be going to bed, because I have my costume class tomorrow morning, and we've finally started sewing. Have I mentioned that I love sewing? I do. Right now I am wearing a shirt I put together myself. It started life as a 3x NaNo shirt and one of my brother's old button-downs. It's now awesome and comfy and excellent for horsing around with kids in. Also for screaming at the television.

My life sounds really interesting with few details. As soon as I explain what I'm talking about, it kind of goes down the drain.

FINALLY: Today in my boring required English class I started writing a sci-fi story. I really hope I can finish it, because it is the sort of thing my dad would read, and honestly? It'd be pretty great to finish something.


Oct. 15th, 2009 09:49 pm
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I have a boyfriend.

I got a good grade on all my exams so far.

I still have plenty of money.

I need to start drawing up a birthday list for my birthday, because apparently this year is a big deal to my parents? I'm sorry, guys, all I care about is being able to vote. Seriously, what else is 18 good for?

I sewed nearly a whole dress this week. But then the skirt was hard and I had other things to do today, so I didn't work on it at all.

I got a haircut and it is cute.
my hair is cute

Sew What

Aug. 5th, 2009 11:43 pm
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So it turns out that I really like sewing.

...wait, no.

Sew it turns out that I really like sewing.

...no, that's worse.

ANYWAY I have been sewing and stuff for the last week, and I so far have two totally finished (and cute) shirts out of it, and three or four half-finished shirts (also cute). This is not counting the skirt, pants, tunic, and various commissions.

But now that I am not a total sewing noob, I need a better sewing machine and wow, you guys, nice sewing machines are pretty expensive.

In totally unrelated news, I really love Battlestar Galactica BUT I'M ONLY LIKE THREE-QUARTERS OF THE WAY THROUGH THE SECOND SEASON SO DON'T SPOIL ME (any more, that is) OKAY? Please and thank you.
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Is it weird that I'm kind of envious of people who can write a short story? I mean, I've had writer friends tell me they wished they could write longer stuff like me, but I kind of wish I could get a story to a manageable length. For one thing, it's easier to finish, which lets you feel more accomplished. It's also a little easier to sell, from my understanding, though that doesn't seem to be much of an issue anymore, since I keep getting sewing commissions and school is about to start, so my financial aid should be taking care of most of the necessities soon.

But it still frustrates me that nearly all of my ideas are for long, oftentimes meandering projects that take forever and often depend on some other knowledge.

On that note, however, work on SNDE is, while not exactly zooming along, still going pretty well. I can at least write it in pieces without a problem. Most of the time, I have to write in order for things to make sense, and that's a little obnoxious. But I've got a good outline and a solid idea of how things go, so I can just write whatever bit I'm feeling that day. It's nice.

I realize I still haven't done a comic con post, but I promise I still will. I'm still in the recovery process. Also I have a sewing commission to finish for a school friend, and she wants it before she moves into school--the week before I do. :/
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One of the qualifications to being a father is to enjoy HORRIBLE jokes.

I'm basing this theory on my experience with fathers, and on tales told by others about their own fathers, and said fathers' love for HORRIBLE jokes.

I don't think I know one father who doesn't make horrendous puns and tell bad jokes all the time. I know some people who do who aren't fathers, but I don't know any fathers who don't.

So, even though this theory is probably FALSE, I am going to call it true until I am personally presented with evidence to the contrary.

In other news, it is nine o' clock and I have only been awake for three hours. Sleep schedule: officially fucked up.

Also, I am house-sitting for my former teacher at the moment (and for the next week and a half). I have mostly been playing with her dogs, reading, and sewing. And by sewing, I mean getting very very frustrated at how I have lost my directions for the two main projects I am working on right now.

Man, you wouldn't expect there to be this much alcohol in a teacher's house, but here it is. In the fridge and an entire cupboard. And there are like four toilets in this house! And three showers! Only two people live here! I don't understand!
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Updated the writing journal with a few things, went back and made sure all the icons matched the verses. Having internet again really helps the showing of productivity. I have proof that I have been productive the last few weeks! I swear! I can even post pictures of the sewing I am doing. In fact, I am going to do that:

Picspam under the cut! )
...I may have forgotten to say that I got a really nice camera for graduation.


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