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So NaNo is in full swing, I'm behind on my word count, I've done all my homework this week, I'm registered for classes for both winter and the spring, and I've already got my birthday/Christmas list sent out to everyone.

But I'm behind in my word count.

Not for long, however! I'm going to an actual, official write-in on Saturday for the first time in the several years I've been doing NaNo. And hopefully I will make some progress.

In other news: Eastwick is not great television, but it amuses me so. And makes me happy. In my pants. In my pants (because Paul Gross).

Know what else makes me happy? Everything, these days. I'm so happy all the time I start to worry that something terrible is going to happen. It's been a month and nothing bad has happened. NOTHING. Creepy.
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This only scratches the surface of all the shit I'm feeling right now. (hi dad, hi gramma, sorry about my mouth, I get it from you guys)

So I'm getting an arts degree. Like, not two hours ago I had my interview to be officially admitted to the theatre department for a b.a. I love art. I draw, and I act, and I sew, and I love to make things and use things to reflect the world around me and sometimes just be pretty. I love it. Music and visual art and performance art, I don't understand how people could ever live without them and say they think they don't matter. I just don't get it. They're important.

But at the same time, I love science. I love it. I just...biology and chemistry and physics, they make sense, they put things in order, and I think they're more beautiful just by virtue of being true than almost any art I've ever seen. I mean, art is pretty. It's nice to look at. Really good art moves me. But science...science always moves me. I mean, I get weepy to speeches from like Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman. I do. It's a little ridiculous.

And I feel a little torn, because art people and science people are totally opposite, both in viewpoint and physically (at least on this campus I mean really they're like fifteen minutes away walking) and never the twain shall meet. And I'm sitting here explaining evolution and shit to my theatre friends, and they are all looking at me like I'm crazy because the only other thing I get so passionate about is Pokemon grammar. I feel like the mixed kid from the fifties, part of both worlds but not really allowed in either.

Because damn, those sciencey kids look at you like you're stupid when you tell them you're studying theatre. They look betrayed, like "Oh, I thought you were one of us". I don't know.

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I love college. I love waking up twenty minutes before my class starts, getting there on time, and still looking presentable. I love taking only the classes that interest me and being able to drop classes that are more stress than they're worth. I love not being the person with the weirdest outfit I see all day. I love that on any given day, I pass at least three people wearing tie-dye. I love that people are actually polite enough to hold doors for strangers and say "Please" and "Thank you." I love that my roommate is totally awesome and we get along. I love being able to do almost everything I need to do for school over the internet. I love being around a large group of people that actually take learning seriously (but that's probably mostly because I don't live in Manzy with Lamar). I love having a bunch of free time because I read fast, freeing up time for my own projects. I love being able to go to the MU at nearly any time and having all sorts of food available. I love being able to afford it. I love that the government is paying for pretty much every aspect of my existence.

And now that I've written this post about how wonderful college is, I'm going to try and read an entire book and write a paper on it before I leave for Disneyland on Friday. Oh yeah.


Oct. 15th, 2009 09:49 pm
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I have a boyfriend.

I got a good grade on all my exams so far.

I still have plenty of money.

I need to start drawing up a birthday list for my birthday, because apparently this year is a big deal to my parents? I'm sorry, guys, all I care about is being able to vote. Seriously, what else is 18 good for?

I sewed nearly a whole dress this week. But then the skirt was hard and I had other things to do today, so I didn't work on it at all.

I got a haircut and it is cute.
my hair is cute
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So, I'm sitting in my room after my German class, typing up some writing so I can retire this notebook and get on with the real work, and I'm really hitting my stride. I go through all this stuff, edit as I go, and manage to get "in the zone".

I look up and suddenly see the time. It is 4 o'clock exactly.

I have a class at 4:10.

On the exact opposite side of campus.

Until today, I had never gotten there in under fifteen.

I thought about not going, but today happened to be our first exam, so I kind of had to. I got there just as the professor was handing out the tests. I was very sweaty, out of breath, and my calves hurt something fierce from the powerwalking/running, but I breezed through the test and was out in ten minutes.

Out...into the heat and facing the fifteen minute walk back across campus.

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So, today I finished coloring a piece I was having problems with last night, watched the first BSG webisode series, and forced my mother to watch the first episode of Supernatural.

Yesterday, I talked to Jesse and Lamar. We are all in the same acting class! I think the rest of our classmates are going to hate us, because the three of us have four years of inside jokes and teamwork behind us already. I hate hanging around people who've been friends for a long time. They always make me feel left out. I can only infer that we do the same to other people. Also: man I miss those guys.

Tomorrow, I go on a photoshoot for the new hardcover edition of FWOAP.

For now, I've only been up for three hours, so I guess I'm going to try to write? Or draw? Or maybe sew?

My life is so very exciting. But really, I'm just trying to distract myself from getting nervous about college. Living with a stranger! Communal bathrooms! Not having pets! I'm not worried about the classes at all, though. I'm studying theatre, math, history, and german. These are all things I'm pretty okay at. The school part of things don't worry me anymore.

But the whole interacting-with-people thing does. OH WELL OFF TO DISTRACT MYSELF AGAIN.
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Feeling kind of fevery. Hope it clears up before Thursday morning, when I take the AP English exam. Which is also [livejournal.com profile] fluffbunny's birthday. Ugh I still need to send that out.

Okay, by kind of fevery I mean I am miserable but not enough to stay home (again). Oh, and I have a field trip tomorrow to go see a ghetto-ified Hamlet. Dang.

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I feel kind of lost at the moment. I accidentally slept through school today, so I spent the whole day reading comics. I ran out of comics, and now I don't know what to do. I should go to bed, since I do have school tomorrow, but I really don't want to do that. I don't know.

The only work I did today--the only anything I did today that I could even loosely classify as work--was plotting out a Supernatural/Grease crossover with [livejournal.com profile] nehi. That was my day!

Also I chewed my fingernails way too much and now it kind of hurts to type. :/
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So, got my letter for ASU, got my letter for the $9000 scholarship for ASU. Busy with rehearsals and AP homework. Also with being a silly girl. It's very time-consuming.

Busy busy busy. Haven't even written anything in like a week, even though I have a couple different outlines and more than one story burning a hole in my brain. It's awesome.
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Not going to fail anything (I think) but I totally have a C in Econ right now. Yeeeeah. But you know, I know all the material and the class is boring. If she was like the regular breed of bad teacher, she'd have the tests count for most of your grade, and I'd be set, because I've aced every test the whole year. Rar.

Mostly, this post was to show off my icon.
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I have a killer headache and have been putting off writing an essay all day.

Welcome back to school, Annie. (I knew the first three weeks were too good to last. Damn Robin and his Final Fantasy X!)
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Okay, so. Um. School started? They didn't screw up my schedule, for the first time ever. I don't have anything to complain about, actually, since I like all my teachers and I am actually on free lunch (finally!) and they have been serving edible food!!! Color me amazed.

I have also been writing like crazy since the day before school started (last Sunday). Like, my word count right now would be acceptable for if I was doing this for NaNo. And yet I am not rushing and it is of the quality I would show to people. I'm a little worried, actually. Then again, I haven't had time to do anything else, so I guess it's not that odd. (Seriously, I come home, eat, walk and feed the dog, and go to my room and write until it's ten or eleven and then I go to sleep.)

As soon as I can get the pictures that go along with it scanned, I'll be posting it somewhere. It's going to be posted here, for now, at least.

Also: computer sans internet in room. I think that's why the writing has been all RAR SPEED OF LIGHT, is because Word and iTunes and large quantities of tea are apparently all I need.

ALSO ALSO I got my money for AcaDec last Thursday, so I went shopping Saturday, and I got tights and art supplies and I spent $60 dollars on video games I apparently can't play. So, anyone have a spare 1 gigahertz CPU laying around? (muuuuust haaaaaave simsssssss)

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Okay, so in the my life is so weird category, I think the last week just won. THE AWESOME AWARD. Except I'm sick again. But I can still think, if not breathe, so I'm going to school anyway. Also today was a half day, and it's just silly to miss those.

I worked tech for The Importance of Being Earnest Earnest, The Importance of Being. I did sound, and random set building and costume repairs. It being a not very sound effecty play, I had rather a lot of free time in the booth to a: talk to people on my headset b: listen to music c: read d: write and e: think too much about Things. See, I capitalized that, which is always a bad thing.

I got the new Kill Hannah cd! And Move Along by the All-American Rejects, which I have wanted for a while, but kind of pales in comparision with OMG MAT DEVINE. Although, actually, there are places where the instrumentation is like *more awesome than Mat's lyrics*, which makes for much prity.

Someone confessed their love for me today, and I can't tell how he meant it. Which doesn't bother me as much as you'd think it would.

Also! I don't even need to ask if this is lame, because I know it kind of raises the limits on lame. So I figured out how old Kev (and all my other characters) would be, right now, if they were real and have ascertained that Kev would be a high school sophomore now, were he not fictional. And because he's that kind of character, I also realized that he would totally keep a diary. So I'm writing it. On the one hand, it's kind of ridiculous, and on the other, it is both good practice at first person writing, cursive, and Kev's character. Because despite the fact that he features prominently in nearly everything I write about him, I still know WAY less about him than I do Edwards.

AND SO YEAH ANYWAY. My history teacher combined the ancient Greeks and the Bible into one unit, which sounds funny, but actually makes an absurd amount of sense--that's Western civilization right there. And he also gives me candy just for hanging around after class to listen to him be interesting. I WIN.


(and I don't really feel pretty. The icon is lying. I feel like crap, mainly cause I can't breathe, but also because I haven't eaten regularly for a week.)
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Life is odd.

Rediscovered joy of Game Boy. Not a good time to do so, because I have to watch Camacho's Hellsing, Kevin's Angelic Layer, and Mary's Cowboy Bebop. Not to mention try to write and finish something publishable, and get enough sleep so I don't die at school.

Must also start packing lunch. Early lunch plus eight full hours of school plus no money to go the the store or ride the bus home equals a very hungry Annie.

Went a whole week, saw everyone I know, many I don't know, and a few new kids. Everyone, that is, except Aaron Chee. I've seen his friends! But not him.

Actually, come to think of it, I haven't seen Ayla either. Maybe I'm just doomed to not see seniors?

And I need to do my AcaDec work. But I lost my book.

WHY DO I HAVE A LIFE? I don't want one!

ps finally read the princess bride book. then watched movie again. I don't know which I like best. I'm just going to go with OMG LOVE~<3!
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So about that last post.

That was clearly not me, and, as I'm sure most of you could tell, was The Boy.

Please don't ask.


And school started today. Drama is still the best part of the day, but I seem to have gotten all the cool teachers, so that's okay.
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Okay, so, while I have gotten very far in Kingdom of Loathing, I have not been keeping up at all with LiveJournal. Which is, for sure, utterly deplorable given the three to six hours daily I've been on the Internet for the past two-three weeks.

But anyway! I went to pick up my schedule yesterday, and because of how sucky the scheduling is for a: drama magnets and b: smart kids at my school, where I am most definitely a member of both groups, mainly because I know basic grammar and don't spell "South" "souf", I cannot take academic decathalon OR musical theater. And I have first lunch, and trust me, only lame people have first lunch.

BUT ANYWAY. While I was there, waiting in the counselor's office to make FOR SURE that I couldn't have Musical Theater (stupid honors geometry. I should've taken you last year anyway!) I ran into a bunch of other sophomores/people who were in Cats with me and also a dance magnet who is on my bus and is one of the rather more tolerable people who ride my bus. And a good thing too, because we waited for an HOUR to see our counselors. Hmm, do you think maybe there's something wrong with the scheduling system? ANYWAY. After I made SURE I couldn't get musical theater, I went to try to go get my books, but since they were out to lunch, hung out with Lamar until they opened again. And who should walk by us but Ms. St. John, head of the drama department!

Evidently, there was a meeting for the drama kids that same day at two, just an hour and a half from then. Amazing! So we went and long story short, we're (all nine of us who showed up) doing a skit about the dress code. But, being drama students, made it somehow not boring. Mostly by having seven of us walk into a classroom on stage grossly out of dress code and practically give the teacher (played very convincingly by Lamar) a heart attack. So six out of the seven get sent to the office, and I am one of them, because my skirt is WAY too short (I actually had to doctor one of my skorts to get it to look like a really short skirt--yay safety pins) and I'm also chewing gum. It has the lame school spirit ending, but since it's for the freshmen, they won't know the difference it's actually informative, 'cause we're awesome like that. Once we figured out who was doing what violations, we basically improved the whole skit, with minimal suggestions from Ms. McKenna. Because we rock.

And somehow, because of the gum-popping and short-skirt wearing, I play a slut pink lady. It's fun because I get to be obnoxious.

....And in non-drama-slash-school-related news, I'm almost done sewing an (incredibly awesome and paisley) vest. And...um. My kitten is pretty grown up now. And....um...It wasn't completely being around Aaron Chee even though the last time I asked him out. And since I'm boring, that's it.
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Okay, so anyway. Given too much time to think, I am rapidly becoming a Phoenix bus system whiz and getting home forty minutes to an hour faster. Go me! And, I get to actually TALK TO PEOPLE I KNOW on the way home! For the first ten minutes, anyway, 'cause then I change buses. But no more waiting in the sun! Unless I miss my bus! Because the Roeser bus, which I only took for the first time today, IS ALWAYS ON TIME WTF. I was late to school because a bus was on time. Hello, irony, thanks for calling, yeah I got your HUGE SIGN, it was a little hard to miss, uh-huh, yeah thanks FOR NOTHING.


I like school days where first, we take a test or two, and then the rest of the day, we just watch movies. AND! OMG! The freshmen came today. THEY ARE SO HUGE. We all saw them and thought, gee, I wonder why another school's sophomores are here. THEY ARE BIGGER THAN MOST OF MY FRIENDS. We all got scared. I'm not kidding. We ran back to class, 'cause they totally freaked us out. Well. At least we won't have such a horrible freshman football team this year CAUSE HALF OF THEM'LL PROBABLY TRY OUT.

...did I just mention school sports? Oh sweet Jesus. I am hanging out with the wrong people. Football. Honestly.

And yeah, you may notice I have some of my old icons back, because I caved again and got the advertisments on my journal. Shame on me and all that.

And Melissa, a creepy lesbian senior who is kind of disgusting and twice kissed Brina was totally flirting with me. I'm glad she's not coming to class from now on. And also that I didn't get much lunch. Ew.

AND! Sophie, I just thought you should know that it's your fault I'm totally going to kill myself, probably with a stapler. 'Cause I don't want to be you! (but then again, if I'm you and Wash is half me, half Kevin, then that would mean....I need to lay off the drugs. Which means I can never drink Mr. Decker's coffee again.)
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Nora, if I weren't such a complete optimist, discordia would totally be the religion for me. Not even kidding.

Also, it brings new meaning to the whole, "I'm a depressed Roman" thing.

And I never quite noticed this in my youth (as if I'm not still in my youth!), but Piers Anthony really makes you think a lot more than you realize, even in his "Entertainment" fiction. Of course, Heinlen did the same thing, and they both play with a lot of interesting concepts, and now I realize why I'm SO FRICKIN' WEIRD.

Go out and read about ten Heinlen books, then the Incarnations of Immortality series and some other Piers Anthony books, and then you will see why I grew up the way I did. I STARTED READING THESE THINGS WHEN I WAS EIGHT. NO WONDER.

Then again, it probably also has a lot to do with puns. no one else laughs at ANY of Mr. Decker's jokes. I die. I swear, it's not my fault!

I'm not writing much fanfic anymore. I'm working on original fic because my mom made me promise to submit something in six months. Back in January. Not get it accepted, just submit it. And for that, I get two years of Writer's Digest. Um, *WINNAR!*

Oh. Uhm. Ahem. .... ....FNORD.


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