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So today, I went and saw The Proposal with my mother, then came home and filed for several hours, and then [livejournal.com profile] scruffbunny drew me into a conversation about our shared expanded Zelda universe, and I got roped into updating our map.

Now it is ten o clock at night and I still have not finished my commission or done laundry, both things I need to do like two days ago. However, my paperwork is like so organized.

I'm really excited that I get to move in less than a week from now. I've talked to my roommate, and she's nice, though she might not stay my roommate, and I'd like to be settling in. Also by the time I am at school, I will have money to pay for things, and I never realized how much I wanted to have a matching sheet set until I was presented with the possibility of doing so.

I listened to all of The Graveyard Book yesterday, and I really love Neil Gaiman. Even if his books nearly always make me cry. While I was listening, I drew two pages of comic, and inked them, and colored them.

I am very busy for someone who isn't really accomplishing what she should be.
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Okay, finished a shirt, got two masks in Majora's Mask, bought the supplies to finish Sydney's cape, set up direct deposit for my financial aid, and officially established communication with my roommate. If I can stay this productive for the next few days (weeks, months, years?), I'll be in good shape.

Man, in two weeks I am going to move into my dorm and I will have to leave behind my babies. What will I do without a dog and three cats? That's like, the perfect balance of animals! They're so soft and obnoxious and cute and shed on everything! What will I do without them, besides be TERRIBLY TERRIBLY LONELY?
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Updated the writing journal with a few things, went back and made sure all the icons matched the verses. Having internet again really helps the showing of productivity. I have proof that I have been productive the last few weeks! I swear! I can even post pictures of the sewing I am doing. In fact, I am going to do that:

Picspam under the cut! )
...I may have forgotten to say that I got a really nice camera for graduation.


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