Nov. 4th, 2008 09:48 pm
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Dudes. 44th President of the United States. Barack Obama.

I think I'm having a Barack Attack.
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Just got back from the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Item A: drama kids need to learn to deal with their own gorram problems. Item B: this was the best of the three years I've gone. Item C: the drive home! Was so! Awesome! We took a different route and I went to Nevada for the first time and we stopped in Vegas to pee and crossed the Hoover Dam and took some dam pictures and got yelled at by the police and waved at by some kids in a station wagon and listened to a bunch of musicals and Tom Lehrer and! The annoying JROTC guy who I totally hate because he is ignorant and acts as though he is smarter than all the students, which he really is not--anyway, he yelled at some people in some hick gas station for having up a sign that compared Obama to Osama. Like, he yelled at some lady he didn't know for twenty minutes. I mean, okay, other people are entitled to their own opinions, kay Sarge? Also it was more amusing than the jokes usually are. (Also, right next to this was an anti-war Calvin and Hobbes strip, which made me very confused about the store owner's political views.)

Item D: I have been reading for almost two hours trying to catch up with my comics and spies and flist and have just now started to even approach the end. Ahahahaa stupid internet-less school trips. Still haven't managed to watch any Due South, but Mom finished the first disc while I was gone and this week is fall break soooooo! I have plenty of time for brilliant Canadian television.

In sum: this weekend was fuckin' exhilarating!
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So, anyone hear any news out of Minneapolis other than OMG PALIN'S CHILD IS TEH PREGNANT? Like, oh, say, the riots where they are arresting protesters, journalists, and anyone who happens to be passing by? You know, the riots where they are not telling people how long before they're going to be able to post bail? The riots where the police were using gas and people were waking up last week with assault rifles in their faces? The same riots where less than two hundred stupid and violent protesters evidently justify blockading several blocks, using gas, arresting innocent people, and denying them basic rights?

You know, the ones you probably haven't heard much about. The ones that weren't even being reported until Saturday or Sunday, even though I, living in Arizona, got wind of it Thursday night?

Yeah, those riots.

For the last seven years, we have been losing our rights because OMG TERRORISTSES!!! and we put up with it. We complained, but we didn't do anything, even as phone conversations were monitored and people were tortured--sorry, interrogated--and no matter how much people talked about how sucky things were (RAR WAR!!!)--


Oh sure, there's been the odd protest, but nothing anywhere near the movements of the sixties, despite the frequent comparisons to the Vietnam War. Evidently, no one really cares enough to DO something about it.

Well this is the best chance we're ever going to get. Right now, there is what basically amounts to fascism right here in the United States. Because really, what use have we for rights when someone as amazingly important as the President is in town? I think it's totally justifiable to arrest innocent people or not tell them when they'll be able to post bail because some politicians are in town. They're clearly more important than everyone else's rights. Clearly.

So if you actually care about the future of the U.S. (if you're reading my LJ, you're probably on the young side, so you probably have a bit of time left in your life to live in however this country turns out) do something. Please. I don't think anyone really wants to live in a totalitarian state. I know I don't.

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Come on, people, we can't just freaking sit here!
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Oh, hey, yeah, I'd just like to remind everyone that the world is a pretty decent place.

I mean, yes, some things suck, and sure, bad things happen, but overall, the world is a pretty nice place to be.

And that's all.


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