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So, I just got back from my first meeting of the writing group that grew out of my area's NaNo community. It was interesting. I've never actually been part of a writing group before that was both real-life and made up of people who weren't my friends. They were all people I knew vaguely from write-ins and such in November, but no one I really knew, and so I was a little quieter than I might have otherwise been, when it came to speaking up and critiquing and such.

Overall, it was enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to the next meeting, two Thursdays from now. I managed to only spend five dollars even though we were at an IHOP, so I feel like I did good there. And there were only a total of six people there, three of whom I knew from write-ins and one of whom was me, so I didn't get as freaked-out-closed-mouth-stare-straight-ahead as I might have. I was definitely the youngest person there, though, and I felt like the most inexperienced, but that might not have been true. I just always get a little awkward when people start talking about how terrible they were when they were younger, and "when they were younger" invariably turns out to be about my age now. Oh well.

Just figured I'd write this up since it was what I missed out on a gazillion other things for--a Sleeping Beauty ballet, Volleyball, and a movie are just a few of the things people invited me to do on this particular Thursday, and I skipped all of them to go to the writing group. I feel like I made the better decision there (though I really wanted to go to Sleeping Beauty).

So, that was the big exciting part of my week. Next week I have my first few exams for this semester, and we start sewing in costume class. Hopefully I'll get some more work on Silver Chain done, and maaaaaaybe I will finish another writing comic.

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You know what I don't like, is when people look at me like I'm a terrible horrible person for wanting to be a mother and raise my children like, myself. As though it is so wrong for someone to actively want kids, and want to care for them themselves. It's not like I can't work from home, you guys. I make up stories. THIS IS A HELPFUL THING IN CHILD-REARING KIDS LIKE STORIES they also like pulling my hair and being adorable. I mean, guys, it's not like I plan on going out and getting knocked up right this second and dropping out of school to pop em out. That's really not my plan at all. The plan is pretty nebulous: one day, when older, have children. Raise them. Why does this make me a bad person? Why can't this be one of my goals in life? Why do people give me that look?

Also being behind on my wordcount. That's not cool, guys. *goes to write before bed*
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So NaNo is in full swing, I'm behind on my word count, I've done all my homework this week, I'm registered for classes for both winter and the spring, and I've already got my birthday/Christmas list sent out to everyone.

But I'm behind in my word count.

Not for long, however! I'm going to an actual, official write-in on Saturday for the first time in the several years I've been doing NaNo. And hopefully I will make some progress.

In other news: Eastwick is not great television, but it amuses me so. And makes me happy. In my pants. In my pants (because Paul Gross).

Know what else makes me happy? Everything, these days. I'm so happy all the time I start to worry that something terrible is going to happen. It's been a month and nothing bad has happened. NOTHING. Creepy.
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So I've been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. Not that I don't have other things to do, but I don't have enough to do. I'm much more able to get things done when I have a whole crapton of things to do instead of just a few. The few never get done but the crapton all gets accomplished. It doesn't make any sense.

But sense I don't have many classes this semester (very few since I dropped German) I thought maybe making myself busy would help me to get things done.

My thought processes make little sense outside of my head.

Anyway, I was wondering what to work on, if I did. I have a good portion of an outline for the reboot of Silver Chain (finally) and I've been kind of working on that a bit but not enough to have more than 1000 words, and I have an entire outline for Some Never Do Explain that I haven't worked on very much lately but with more already written (of the current draft, anyway). If I was going to do NaNo, which I am seriously considering at the moment to get me to stop slacking off, then I think I'd do one of those, but I'm not sure which one.

Of course, a problem with doing NaNo this year would be my birthday/family thanksgiving (the same holiday in practice) which tends to eat up a day/a few days. But since I don't have many classes, I might be able to get ahead. I don't know.
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Girls are making me happy right now. This is largely because of the spaztic way my wfey has been acting. Yesterday I was despondent because she is RETARDED AND SADISTIC and today I was giddily incoherent all evening because she seems to have no problem with me kissing her.


I am surprisingly ready for NaNo. It is weirding me out a little. I have a title, a plan, most of an outline, organization, and I have arrangements that mean I don't have to handwrite it this year. While this does mean I shall be posting it here (Chapter at a time under a cut and f-locked), it also means that I'm not totally unprepared for something important to me. V. strange.

There was something else I was going to say, but I have no idea what it is. OH WELL I GUESS I CAN JUST GIVE A SHORT SUMMARY OF MY NANO THIS YEAR. I warn you: it is fairly cracktastic.

Anyway. A jealous physicist accidentally causes a transdimensional hurricane trying to impress the pretty lady physicist he works with. This causes the youngish artist protagonist to be tossed haphazardly through some of the dimension/alternate universe thingies closest to his. In some of these, he and his brother are an item, or sometimes just making out once in a while. Needless to say, this weirds him out. So the book is about physics, choices, and incest. Oh, and making out with yourself. I mean, would you really not take the chance if you had it? Ford would, evidently. (He also seduces himself BUT I TOTALLY DID NOT MENTION THAT KAY)


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