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So I've been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. Not that I don't have other things to do, but I don't have enough to do. I'm much more able to get things done when I have a whole crapton of things to do instead of just a few. The few never get done but the crapton all gets accomplished. It doesn't make any sense.

But sense I don't have many classes this semester (very few since I dropped German) I thought maybe making myself busy would help me to get things done.

My thought processes make little sense outside of my head.

Anyway, I was wondering what to work on, if I did. I have a good portion of an outline for the reboot of Silver Chain (finally) and I've been kind of working on that a bit but not enough to have more than 1000 words, and I have an entire outline for Some Never Do Explain that I haven't worked on very much lately but with more already written (of the current draft, anyway). If I was going to do NaNo, which I am seriously considering at the moment to get me to stop slacking off, then I think I'd do one of those, but I'm not sure which one.

Of course, a problem with doing NaNo this year would be my birthday/family thanksgiving (the same holiday in practice) which tends to eat up a day/a few days. But since I don't have many classes, I might be able to get ahead. I don't know.
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This is what happens when you have characters who live in what is more or less the real world. Current events as Ford sees it.

I wish these guys would shut up already. )


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