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Whoever it was who told me humans don't go into heat is a fucking liar. And must have been a man.

Today was the most difficult to get through day ever. I never noticed how many guys at school are attractive. Or rather, how many of them are attractive enough.

I realize that most of you probably don't need to know this, but goddamn.
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So, first of all, if you are not currently being entertained by Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you should be. Seriously. Go watch the first two acts. Right now. This is print, I can wait.

Second of all, am I the only one who thinks it's totally terrible when people cheer themselves up by saying that at least there are people out there who have it worse? That's just wrong. How does knowing that the world sucks more for other people make it suck less for you? I have always found this extremely depressing.

THIRDLY there is no thirdly, but I really didn't want to end this post with the words "extremely depressing".

p.s. oops.
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Alright, can someone please tell me why everyone else is complaining about a heat wave? IT'S SUMMER. DEAL WITH IT. Oh, it's so hot, it got up to like 100, and with the humidity and the heat index and whatnot, it felt like 106!

PSHAW. Do you know how happy we are here in Phoenix when we hear that it's going to be 102 over the weekend? 102 IS NICE TO US. You can complain about the heat when it's 115 for a WEEK STRAIGHT. Sheesh.

(Because if you're going to make fun of me in the winter for complaining about it getting into the high 30s when you have 3, I'm going to make fun of you for complaining about heatstroke at 100. Seriously, who gets heatstroke at 100? I sit and wait for the bus for twenty minutes in all black when it's 110, and I don't get heatstroke.)

Anyway, in non-I-sound-kinda-pissy news....

I asked a boy out. Not just a boy, but Aaron Chee. And if you knew him, this would mean a lot. Because he didn't say no. I mean, granted, he didn't say yes, either (for I am doomed to receive lame, cop-out answers like "I'll get back to you" (while getting phone number and email address!)) But not saying no is pretty amazing. For his whole being Aaron Chee thing.

So anyway, I'm totally not obsessed or anything.

AND! I read all the way through a 97 page forum post! (It was the dares thread for last year's NaNo). It took three weeks, sure, but I did it. Which is what's important.


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