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I have not updated, according to Livejournal, in two weeks.

...Was sick last week, Final Fantasy IX is awesome (<33 Vivi, holy shit Kuja is nuts), bought another Pokemon game in a fit of nostalgia (Sapphire, and it is KICKING MY ASS WTF), am working the Haunted House for the rest of the week.


p.s. Girls? Still suck.
p.p.s. Spies? Will not get out of my head. WHYYY
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I would just like to say that girls are frustrating.

Also, if you've actually been paying attention to the ranty angry posts I've been making, I am working with a few friends to set up a group, called CARE, to promote awareness of crap like this. Right now, we only have a Myspace and there isn't much on it, but once we have things in a more up-and-running way, there will be more.

Anyway, it's myspace.com/stopapathynow. If you have a myspace, it'd be great if you could check it out.

(agghhhewwwww myspace.)
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Ordinarily, I would feel smug about totally being right.

However, in this case, the reality sucks so much I'm not even up to feeling superior to everyone else.

I really shouldn't be so used to this that I can know approximately when/how it's going to happen. THE WORLD IS NO LONGER ALLOWED TO FALL APART AROUND ME, OKAY? Because it annoys me.

Also, whenever I cry, my contacts get all screwed up, and my choices are either wear screwed up contacts or wear my smudgy, annoying glasses that fall down my face all the time. :/

ps. ahaha i wish my icon were telling the truth
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So I am rereading [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_project and I am once again reminded that a: I am Remus and 2: I am rocks.

And I know rocks.

And I know no one who isn't rocks.

I still just don't see what I did to piss off the universe so that I come so close to ridiculous happiness so often, only to juuuuust miss it every single time.

Also! I know exactly what I want in life, but I have no ideas how to get it. Well, I have ideas, but none of them are exactly workable, due to family obligations, by which I mean the fact that I am poorer than most kinds of dirt. Not Phoenix dirt, that dirt is pretty damn poor, particularly nutrient-wise, but then, I am just barely less poor than it.

Ahahaha has this hole been there the whole time and I am merely good at ignoring it or is it honestly not there most of the time and I am only being melodramatic? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW.
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Having trouble posting chapter three. Working on it.

In other news, I hate girls. Again. Still. Whatever.
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I have been ridiculously busy. I should not be busy. But I am. 'Tis very strange.

Also! I have finished typing up Chapter One of Silver Chain, which is what I started for NaNoWriMo last year, also known as the only thing I've thought about for longer than a week for...damn, I think it's three years now. I NEED TO FINISH THIS BOOK. I am on Chapter Twenty-Three right now, about 300 pages in (I have no idea how many words, other than more than 80k), but there were requests to read (and hopefully edit) the first parts without having to struggle through last year's rushed NaNo handwriting. So I typed it up and printed it out; this also makes it easier for me to edit.

And now for the long, rambling talk on my life! Feel free to skip. Not really important, anyway. Unless you care about KOL Con, so I will talk about that first. )

Okay, tired and empty of rants now. To bed. After a glass of water.


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