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This only scratches the surface of all the shit I'm feeling right now. (hi dad, hi gramma, sorry about my mouth, I get it from you guys)

So I'm getting an arts degree. Like, not two hours ago I had my interview to be officially admitted to the theatre department for a b.a. I love art. I draw, and I act, and I sew, and I love to make things and use things to reflect the world around me and sometimes just be pretty. I love it. Music and visual art and performance art, I don't understand how people could ever live without them and say they think they don't matter. I just don't get it. They're important.

But at the same time, I love science. I love it. I just...biology and chemistry and physics, they make sense, they put things in order, and I think they're more beautiful just by virtue of being true than almost any art I've ever seen. I mean, art is pretty. It's nice to look at. Really good art moves me. But science...science always moves me. I mean, I get weepy to speeches from like Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman. I do. It's a little ridiculous.

And I feel a little torn, because art people and science people are totally opposite, both in viewpoint and physically (at least on this campus I mean really they're like fifteen minutes away walking) and never the twain shall meet. And I'm sitting here explaining evolution and shit to my theatre friends, and they are all looking at me like I'm crazy because the only other thing I get so passionate about is Pokemon grammar. I feel like the mixed kid from the fifties, part of both worlds but not really allowed in either.

Because damn, those sciencey kids look at you like you're stupid when you tell them you're studying theatre. They look betrayed, like "Oh, I thought you were one of us". I don't know.

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So, today I finished coloring a piece I was having problems with last night, watched the first BSG webisode series, and forced my mother to watch the first episode of Supernatural.

Yesterday, I talked to Jesse and Lamar. We are all in the same acting class! I think the rest of our classmates are going to hate us, because the three of us have four years of inside jokes and teamwork behind us already. I hate hanging around people who've been friends for a long time. They always make me feel left out. I can only infer that we do the same to other people. Also: man I miss those guys.

Tomorrow, I go on a photoshoot for the new hardcover edition of FWOAP.

For now, I've only been up for three hours, so I guess I'm going to try to write? Or draw? Or maybe sew?

My life is so very exciting. But really, I'm just trying to distract myself from getting nervous about college. Living with a stranger! Communal bathrooms! Not having pets! I'm not worried about the classes at all, though. I'm studying theatre, math, history, and german. These are all things I'm pretty okay at. The school part of things don't worry me anymore.

But the whole interacting-with-people thing does. OH WELL OFF TO DISTRACT MYSELF AGAIN.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:53 pm
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If all goes according to plan (doubtful), this is the speech I am going to give tomorrow night:

Hola. Como estas? Mi nombre es Annie Cosper. Mi show es de fantasmas. Se llama "Spirited Behavior".

Okay, that's all the Spanish I've got. Like I said, the show that I directed is called "Spirited Behavior," and it's about ghosts. I chose this play because...well, because I liked it. It isn't as serious and dramatic as some of the shows are, but, you know, I chose what I was familiar with. Both I and my actors have worked very hard on this show. This show is sort of the culmination of my years in the Magnet. I've been in the program for four years now, and everything I've learned over the past four years has gone into this show. It's all been leading up to this moment, and I can't help but feel a little sad. I mean, I'm excited to finally be directing, but this is my last hurrah in front of a South audience, and I'm going to miss it. I think we all are. This show isn't just my effort, or just the effort of me and my actors. Over the past few years, we've grown closer and changed the way each other spoke and thought and acted on stage, and I am convinced that this show--none of our shows--would not be what you see tonight if it hadn't been for the others. We all worked together on this, and it's the last time we're going to be doing so. This is really important to a lot of us, and it means a lot to me that you all are here tonight, to support us. So thank you all for coming, and I hope you enjoy the show.

(I plan on starting to cry right about "hurrah". I figure that's when it'll probably get the better of me.)
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My exciting news for today is that I hate actors I wrote nearly 2000 words of smut.

And also I hate actors. Rather, I hate when my actors forget that I am their director as well as their friend, and that the director-bit takes precedence over the friendness. And by actors-plural, I mean my lead, Sonja. Sigh.

(this icon is totally necessary because not only do actors make me angry, the smut stars a vampire. I am so very clever.)
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So, got my letter for ASU, got my letter for the $9000 scholarship for ASU. Busy with rehearsals and AP homework. Also with being a silly girl. It's very time-consuming.

Busy busy busy. Haven't even written anything in like a week, even though I have a couple different outlines and more than one story burning a hole in my brain. It's awesome.
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So I guess the universe takes my tweets too seriously? I spent this morning in the emergency room. Mom got like crazy sick. Vertigo, throwing up, trouble breathing, super low heart rate...it was the funnest Christmas morning ever.

But she is okay now, and I am actually sitting down to eat for the first time all day (I had a donut and a thing of orange juice at the hospital), so everything is A-OK all right now.

An aside: it is really weird to have to be the adult in the house. :/ I mean, I am used to taking care of her and keeping her on track, but that is more of a teamwork thing and less of a mothering thing. Right now I am making sure she takes the medications the ER doc prescribed and pouring her ginger ale. And helping her walk to the bathroom. V. strange.

(Of course, I just heard her answer a Jeopardy question so I know she is feeling all right.)
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Now that I finally have time to get some work done, I am being distressingly unproductive.

I mean, I could be writing, or drawing, or coloring, or wrapping presents, or cleaning, or putting together my laundry, or even trying to beat a video game or finishing Due South, and...I'm not.

This is why I hate breaks from school. I can't get anything done if I'm not putting things off. Also I miss my drama class.
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So...I got the part.

Which is totally cool and everything! Except it just hit me...

...I have to sing like seven songs in this show. And I'm always onstage, talking. WHY DID I WANT A LEAD ROLE WHAT but no seriously this is so freaking cool.


Nov. 28th, 2008 10:49 pm
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Okay, so auditions for Bajour were Monday and Tuesday. Since Tuesday was my birthday, I auditioned Monday. The cast list was supposed to go up Wednesday, then Thursday was Thanksgiving and we had off today.

Cast list didn't go up Wednesday. Callback list went up after lunch. I'm on it. Along with (for the part I want, at least) one girl I know the director likes in the role of Emily (who sings very well) and a girl who has, since freshman year, gotten a major part and sings--okay, sometimes, when she is reading in our English class, I forget to pay attention to what we are reading because her voice is so pretty I just like to listen to the sounds. THAT IS WHAT I AM UP AGAINST. I really want this part and now I am very worried about it. I mean, I'm the only one of us who's been in the drama magnet, and I know Ms. St. J likes me and knows I'm dependable and all, and I could give good odds that I am the one with the least potential for scheduling conflicts, but I didn't just get called back for acting, I got called back for singing. (As an aside, this means I will be missing lunch and staying after school on Monday.) While I have confidence in my chemistry with the two guys who are up for the male romantic lead, because I know them and like them and what-all, I have slightly less confidence in my ability to sing soprano. On the other hand, Emily has to be pretty comedic and doesn't sing very high, which, guess what, are two things I can totally do onstage! But I've never really had a lead part, or a romantic part, except for this last play where I got married but didn't actually like the guy, which was the closest I've ever gotten to a romantic part in my whole life.

But I love this show and I really want this part and no matter what, this is probably the best I've ever done in an audition, and either way I will be involved in the show and since I kinda want to marry this musical, that's a good thing. Also, I have a huge crush on one of the guys up for the lead role, and I am much more confident about his chances of success than my own, so I'll probably be spending a whole hell of a lot of time with him no matter what. Which is also good.


Hoy es...

Nov. 25th, 2008 09:09 pm
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Today I am once again a prime number of years old. Also, I am now allowed to do magic outside of school. Woo!


I got a laptop. <33333~! Also a scanner and my mom picked up a wireless router so I'll have teh intarwebz in my room. And a bunch of art supplies and a book by Will Eisner and my whole drama class glomped me (seriously guys, I don't need to breathe, totally not, it's okay to SQUASH ME) and it is maybe possible that the latest in my string of ridiculous crushes on fellow drama students is actually an okay guy who is not actually hung up on someone and/or really mean. Also also also I did absolutely no work today and I am still really behind in all my classes, but I got to see my sister and I got a fucking laptop so really (and it's a very nice laptop) I am A-OK.

People I don't even know that well were shouting Happy Birthday at me in the halls. It was really super cool.
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I have not updated, according to Livejournal, in two weeks.

...Was sick last week, Final Fantasy IX is awesome (<33 Vivi, holy shit Kuja is nuts), bought another Pokemon game in a fit of nostalgia (Sapphire, and it is KICKING MY ASS WTF), am working the Haunted House for the rest of the week.


p.s. Girls? Still suck.
p.p.s. Spies? Will not get out of my head. WHYYY
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Just got back from the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Item A: drama kids need to learn to deal with their own gorram problems. Item B: this was the best of the three years I've gone. Item C: the drive home! Was so! Awesome! We took a different route and I went to Nevada for the first time and we stopped in Vegas to pee and crossed the Hoover Dam and took some dam pictures and got yelled at by the police and waved at by some kids in a station wagon and listened to a bunch of musicals and Tom Lehrer and! The annoying JROTC guy who I totally hate because he is ignorant and acts as though he is smarter than all the students, which he really is not--anyway, he yelled at some people in some hick gas station for having up a sign that compared Obama to Osama. Like, he yelled at some lady he didn't know for twenty minutes. I mean, okay, other people are entitled to their own opinions, kay Sarge? Also it was more amusing than the jokes usually are. (Also, right next to this was an anti-war Calvin and Hobbes strip, which made me very confused about the store owner's political views.)

Item D: I have been reading for almost two hours trying to catch up with my comics and spies and flist and have just now started to even approach the end. Ahahahaa stupid internet-less school trips. Still haven't managed to watch any Due South, but Mom finished the first disc while I was gone and this week is fall break soooooo! I have plenty of time for brilliant Canadian television.

In sum: this weekend was fuckin' exhilarating!
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Brain doesn't shut up.

Got Google Chrome today. Loving it so far.

Number of times made fun of by teachers: too many to count. (Including one today implying that I was unsure of my gender. Way to go, Decker! Doc's comment about my ridiculously tiny feet pales in comparison.)

Got parts in The Birds today. I am an activist and the emo-teen messenger goddess Iris. Well, she wasn't emo in the script, but she is now! And she has a page and a half monologue, plus several other scenes. Oh well. (On the other hand, I get to curse someone when he tries to kiss me, which is just funny.)

I've been neglecting Livejournal lately because Twitter makes it feel kind of redundant. On a related note: I am so glad I have unlimited texting.

In case anyone missed the memo, I love pens. And also spies.

And also House omg the PI guy is amazing I want him to staaaaay even though I am sad that Wilson was like "kthx bai". (also, Wilson sucks.)

Oh! And funny story! The guy I marry in The Birds is played by the same guy I kill in our scene for the Utah Shakespeare festival! In The Birds, I hate him but end up marrying him. In Richard III, I am a loyal servant of his, and then I end up basically killing him. This has no bearing on anything and just sort of amuses me.

Also, I love Due South. With a passion. But DO NOT ever try to finish an episode of Due South during the commercial breaks for House. They just do not go well together.

And for everyone following me on Twitter (meaning like four people--sorry, five now), this entry is nothing but reiteration! Ahahaha.
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So. Flower Drum Song is finally over. After State next weekend, I will officially have no pressing engagements until next year, assuming none of my friends/family do something monumentally stupid or I come into an enormous windfall.

SO! I'd like to say that HOLY CRAP I CAN GET A FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP NOW but what would even be the point? I'm now so used to running on like five hours of sleep that I couldn't get to sleep last night until like one, and then I woke up at six and was a-ok all day. Yes. Exciting.

Also! There is now art up on my DeviantArt account. So if you'd like to check out the crap drawry things I use to fill up my spare time when I'm not writing, rehearsing, performing, studying, or competing ('cause there's so much of it), there it is. Go ahead. (that's only the good stuff anyway, so ha! You no can has making massive fun of Annie. Only large amounts, not massive.)

So yeah. I have no idea what to do with myself anymore. I don't have to practice dance steps. I don't have to clamp together platforms to make a makeshift stage. I don't have to sew buttons back onto shoddily-made but very pretty Chinese shirts. i don't have to help anyone get dressed and I am no longer at school for 12+ hours every day.


But I'll get over it.
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Things to do:

Not strangle any of the actors in Seussical. Or any of the band members, but I don't anticipate many problems there.

Actually do some writing. Seriously. No, really. One cannot get to page 230 and then stop because they are distracted by silly things like food, or sleep. Not going to happen.

Do something big and scary and courageous so I can gloat about it for the rest of the year.


Also: our car radio miraculously worked today, for just long enough for me to change the station from the sucky 90s hip-hop station to the Mix. Which does suck just as bad sometimes, but at least they play new music every once in a while. Though they admittedly do not play Kanye West nearly as often. Or, y'know, at all.

Also also: try not to jump Aaron Chee, in any sense of the word. No matter how much he may deserve it. 'Cause he does.
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Okay, so, while I have gotten very far in Kingdom of Loathing, I have not been keeping up at all with LiveJournal. Which is, for sure, utterly deplorable given the three to six hours daily I've been on the Internet for the past two-three weeks.

But anyway! I went to pick up my schedule yesterday, and because of how sucky the scheduling is for a: drama magnets and b: smart kids at my school, where I am most definitely a member of both groups, mainly because I know basic grammar and don't spell "South" "souf", I cannot take academic decathalon OR musical theater. And I have first lunch, and trust me, only lame people have first lunch.

BUT ANYWAY. While I was there, waiting in the counselor's office to make FOR SURE that I couldn't have Musical Theater (stupid honors geometry. I should've taken you last year anyway!) I ran into a bunch of other sophomores/people who were in Cats with me and also a dance magnet who is on my bus and is one of the rather more tolerable people who ride my bus. And a good thing too, because we waited for an HOUR to see our counselors. Hmm, do you think maybe there's something wrong with the scheduling system? ANYWAY. After I made SURE I couldn't get musical theater, I went to try to go get my books, but since they were out to lunch, hung out with Lamar until they opened again. And who should walk by us but Ms. St. John, head of the drama department!

Evidently, there was a meeting for the drama kids that same day at two, just an hour and a half from then. Amazing! So we went and long story short, we're (all nine of us who showed up) doing a skit about the dress code. But, being drama students, made it somehow not boring. Mostly by having seven of us walk into a classroom on stage grossly out of dress code and practically give the teacher (played very convincingly by Lamar) a heart attack. So six out of the seven get sent to the office, and I am one of them, because my skirt is WAY too short (I actually had to doctor one of my skorts to get it to look like a really short skirt--yay safety pins) and I'm also chewing gum. It has the lame school spirit ending, but since it's for the freshmen, they won't know the difference it's actually informative, 'cause we're awesome like that. Once we figured out who was doing what violations, we basically improved the whole skit, with minimal suggestions from Ms. McKenna. Because we rock.

And somehow, because of the gum-popping and short-skirt wearing, I play a slut pink lady. It's fun because I get to be obnoxious.

....And in non-drama-slash-school-related news, I'm almost done sewing an (incredibly awesome and paisley) vest. And...um. My kitten is pretty grown up now. And....um...It wasn't completely being around Aaron Chee even though the last time I asked him out. And since I'm boring, that's it.


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