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So today, I went to test an outfit for tomorrow and put on a cute pleated skirt I rarely find occasion to wear, because it was small when I bought it and it's not worth the discomfort most days. I discovered it no longer fit even as well as it did the last time I wore it (several months ago), which means I must have gained a little weight or relocated it to my waist or whatever. I don't really care about this, because I'm still in a healthy range and I'm still attractive and everything, it just means that skirt (and probably a few others) don't fit and now I have to be rethink how I arrange my outfits (because I was not in fact imagining that my hips have gotten wider and that means the balance of half the things I wear is all off now).

ANYWAY I mentioned this (because I was a little disappointed about the skirt) to my roommate and a friend from down the hall, and the immediate reaction was "You should eat better!" and "Oh, you should work out with us in the morning!"

Um. I gained a few pounds, girls. Maybe a total of an inch around my waist, a little more than that on my hips and thighs. It's not a big deal.

If you're going to pretend you're concerned about my health, don't wait until I complain about not fitting into one item of clothing that I knew was too small when I bought it. Seriously, what the hell.

(In other news: body image! I'm more concerned about drinking less soda and remembering to brush my teeth than I am about having a flat stomach. Seriously now.) (I bet those girls would freak out to know I do not shave anything but my pits.)


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