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Today, I turned eighteen.

So of course, I had to get a ride to my mom's house, have chocolate chip waffles, and head to my local Castles and Coasters with my mom and my cousin to ride go-karts and bumper boats, then hang out at my grandma's for a few hours. After that, we watched BSG. If all--or even most--of my adulthood is like today, I think I will be okay.

I did not, however, actually finish registering to vote, so, I guess I'll be doing that tomorrow.

AND FOR TOMORROW AS A LATE BIRTHDAY PRESENT MY SISTER ARRANGED FOR THERE TO BE A BOUNCE HOUSE AT THANKSGIVING. So all of us grown-up kids and probably the two actual children will be jumping around my grandma's front yard all afternoon. VERY ADULT.

Also maybe today would have been a little more awesome if my boyfriend had at least, like, texted me, but OH WELL


Oct. 15th, 2009 09:49 pm
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I have a boyfriend.

I got a good grade on all my exams so far.

I still have plenty of money.

I need to start drawing up a birthday list for my birthday, because apparently this year is a big deal to my parents? I'm sorry, guys, all I care about is being able to vote. Seriously, what else is 18 good for?

I sewed nearly a whole dress this week. But then the skirt was hard and I had other things to do today, so I didn't work on it at all.

I got a haircut and it is cute.
my hair is cute

Hoy es...

Nov. 25th, 2008 09:09 pm
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Today I am once again a prime number of years old. Also, I am now allowed to do magic outside of school. Woo!


I got a laptop. <33333~! Also a scanner and my mom picked up a wireless router so I'll have teh intarwebz in my room. And a bunch of art supplies and a book by Will Eisner and my whole drama class glomped me (seriously guys, I don't need to breathe, totally not, it's okay to SQUASH ME) and it is maybe possible that the latest in my string of ridiculous crushes on fellow drama students is actually an okay guy who is not actually hung up on someone and/or really mean. Also also also I did absolutely no work today and I am still really behind in all my classes, but I got to see my sister and I got a fucking laptop so really (and it's a very nice laptop) I am A-OK.

People I don't even know that well were shouting Happy Birthday at me in the halls. It was really super cool.
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Okay, so, I have a question for anyone who could seriously come to a party if I had one.

A: how much would you mind paying your own way if we had the party at Gameworks? It would only be about fifteen dollars a person. Which is not a lot if you're just paying for your own, but when you're paying for ten or more people, it's a lot. If y'all would be willing to pay for yourself, it would mean we could have more people there, which would mean more fun for everyone, I think. Also I wouldn't have to leave out as many people.

There is no b.

p.s. if there was a party, it would probably be next weekend. Like, not this one coming up right now, but the very start of December weekend. Because there is no other way for me to have a party with most of the people I want there before Christmas otherwise.

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Because she asked and my birthday is in...however many days it is from today until the 25th, here is a list of things it would be awesome to own. Pretty much everything is a little thing, except for the first thing on the list. (I figure if I say it often enough, it'll happen one day.)

-Xbox 360

-Stuff from the XKCD store
Including but not limited to! The actual size stickers, the switch and button stickers, and the Just Shy shirt. Also pretty much everything else in the store.

-Stuff from the Questionable Content Store Especially the "Everything is Ruined Forever " shirt and the "Math is Delicious" shirt. Yes I am strange. You knew that, I'm sure.

-The I solve my problems through violence shirt from here (if you have ever met me in real life, you probably know how true that is, pacifism or not)

-Also welcome is the first book in the Thursday Next series. Or any of the books from that series. I've been meaning to read it for like two and a half years, but it is strangely difficult to find books in the library when you don't know the author or the title. (I should probably work on that.)

Also, for those of you who are interested, I'm past 13000 words. Just not done with chapter four. (It is close, I promise you! I had auditions and a few projects due today, if you'll accept excuses.)



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