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I had the best Crit Group experience tonight. It was just fantastic. We all have similar senses of humor, we get along well, overall everyone is a very good writer, and everyone takes criticism well. Honestly, it's like a dream. Tonight we ran late (almost an hour!) because we were so involved in talking about someone's story, offering suggestions, and making sure he knew what he was doing (he did when it came to the magic and the setting--mostly--but the characters had issues, and we spent a lot of time on that) that none of us even looked at a clock.

And even though we were pretty much tearing this guy's story apart, he was accepting the criticism, explaining things when we asked questions, and when someone offered alternatives or pointed out things that contradicted each other, he would explain how he would change it and what that would do to the rest of the story. Everyone so far has been about that wonderful at taking crit, too. I'm the only one whose story we haven't discussed yet, but I did send it around and the few comments I got on it were positive, which makes me feel pretty good. But of course, I've seen how the group works and offers crit, and man, this is a group I trust with my work.

This is also apparently a group I trust to give me a ride home, because since we ran late, I was concerned about the bus I needed still running, so the couple offered me a ride since my dorm is on their way. And I enjoyed the ride home, too--we talked about Iron Man, discussed the night's stories a little more, and the woman driving actually thanked me for sending my story out (!).

I feel like I have a lot of fun at these meetings, but I also learn a lot--and I feel like I'm helping the others out as well, and it's pretty fucking awesome.

Hoy es...

Nov. 25th, 2008 09:09 pm
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Today I am once again a prime number of years old. Also, I am now allowed to do magic outside of school. Woo!


I got a laptop. <33333~! Also a scanner and my mom picked up a wireless router so I'll have teh intarwebz in my room. And a bunch of art supplies and a book by Will Eisner and my whole drama class glomped me (seriously guys, I don't need to breathe, totally not, it's okay to SQUASH ME) and it is maybe possible that the latest in my string of ridiculous crushes on fellow drama students is actually an okay guy who is not actually hung up on someone and/or really mean. Also also also I did absolutely no work today and I am still really behind in all my classes, but I got to see my sister and I got a fucking laptop so really (and it's a very nice laptop) I am A-OK.

People I don't even know that well were shouting Happy Birthday at me in the halls. It was really super cool.


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