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So I wasn't aware this was going to happen, but this has apparently turned into the summer of concerts for me. I think the biggest factor in this was the fact that I was in Milwaukee for Summerfest, could get to Summerfest, and cared about music, things that have never managed to overlap before in my life.

The concerts: Cage the Elephant, Weird Al, B-52s, Joan Jett, Three Beers 'Til Dubuque, An Awful Band Of Which I Will Not Speak, Katzenjammer, DEVO )

Also this summer: books. I've read so many books this summer. It's very nice. I went through Sophie's whole Neil Gaiman collection (two books were short story collections, which make me happier than most things), all of Transmetropolitan, the Ocarina of Time manga, the comic adaption of Neverwhere, the Zombie Survival Guide, the Illustrated Outbreaks comic, several Georgia Nicholson books, The Giver, a short book of captioned illustrations by Edward Gorey, and am currently working my way through Pretty in Punk, about girls' gender resistance in the punk movement.

Also also this summer: markers. Sophie's mom had a bunch of old Prismacolor markers from her school days, and gifted them to Sophie, who has allowed me to use them while I'm here. Most of my Prismacolors are skin tones, and none of hers were, so our two collections combined are very effective for arting, and we have been doing a lot of it.

And finally this summer, video games. I replayed Wind Waker and Twilight Princess (both depressing beyond all reason), Sophie just bought God of War, and I'm going to start in on Final Fantasy IX again (because I love it). This is not to mention our countless combined hours of the Sims 3.

In sum: it is muggy, and my feet have often hurt, but I am very happy and keeping busy. Also there is a cat, which never hurts.
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This only scratches the surface of all the shit I'm feeling right now. (hi dad, hi gramma, sorry about my mouth, I get it from you guys)

So I'm getting an arts degree. Like, not two hours ago I had my interview to be officially admitted to the theatre department for a b.a. I love art. I draw, and I act, and I sew, and I love to make things and use things to reflect the world around me and sometimes just be pretty. I love it. Music and visual art and performance art, I don't understand how people could ever live without them and say they think they don't matter. I just don't get it. They're important.

But at the same time, I love science. I love it. I just...biology and chemistry and physics, they make sense, they put things in order, and I think they're more beautiful just by virtue of being true than almost any art I've ever seen. I mean, art is pretty. It's nice to look at. Really good art moves me. But science...science always moves me. I mean, I get weepy to speeches from like Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman. I do. It's a little ridiculous.

And I feel a little torn, because art people and science people are totally opposite, both in viewpoint and physically (at least on this campus I mean really they're like fifteen minutes away walking) and never the twain shall meet. And I'm sitting here explaining evolution and shit to my theatre friends, and they are all looking at me like I'm crazy because the only other thing I get so passionate about is Pokemon grammar. I feel like the mixed kid from the fifties, part of both worlds but not really allowed in either.

Because damn, those sciencey kids look at you like you're stupid when you tell them you're studying theatre. They look betrayed, like "Oh, I thought you were one of us". I don't know.

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I just spent the last two days writing a lecture on art fundamentals. I covered techniques and art forms, and Decker is going to go over the history once I'm done.

I have the best examples ever. Seriously. They're basically flash cards, only they're kind of more complex than flash cards usually are. And then I have origami to illustrate forms, and some crochet for when I talk about textiles, and a picture of a mime from the New York subway for when I talk about Performance Art. I couldn't find any clay or crayons, but I think I got examples of every other type of medium except for some of the weirder paints that, honestly, no one could be expected to have lying around.

I also gave in and drew a picture of Ford as a girl. And then I drew the Hartigan sisters. It's awesome. And hot.

(also I finished watching all the commentary on Buffy seasons I had. Man. Sad! And hilarious. "Dear Drew, I love Clem. Thank you. Good bye.")
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First of all, this was the best April Fools' Day ever. I didn't get a chance to pull any jokes, but there were chances! And I witnessed some amazing ones.

But mostly, my day is summed up by this text I sent some boy in Wisconsin (if you are reading this, I love you):

argh one day i will live in a house where all the animals use the bathroom outside and i have to clean up far less feces everyday.


Boring writing stuff that I really just need to write down somewhere and which I'm sure no one else wants to know (unless maybe they were stalking me but I don't think anyone is right now so yes!) )

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Man, spring break is over. And I didn't do any writing at all, all week. Wow.

See, this is what happens when I don't go to school. A whole lot of nuthin'.

Though I did get pretty far replaying Ocarina of Time for the seventeenth time. This time, I even made it to the future! XD

Seriously though, that game still terrifies the crap out of me at points. OoT ReDeads? Terrifying. TP ReDeads, less so. I have no idea why. The TP ReDeads look more real. Maybe they look real enough that I know they aren't, whereas the OoT ReDeads just look disturbing.

Also what the hell blood curdling shrieks in this game. ReDeads, Great Fairies...no wonder this game fucking terrified me when I first got it. I was seven! This game is still frightening in parts! Why did my mother let me play this thing?

Also also I did do a lot of arting things this week. Though most of it was on, y'know, paper, and thus won't see the light of the internet for a while now.

Wow it is late and I should go to bed and stop screwing around on the internet. Imagine that.

the GIMP

Mar. 12th, 2008 09:45 pm
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I think I just fell in love with a graphics program.

Seriously, the Dodge/Burn tool on the GIMP? PRICELESS AND AMAZING. I want to marry it.
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So. Flower Drum Song is finally over. After State next weekend, I will officially have no pressing engagements until next year, assuming none of my friends/family do something monumentally stupid or I come into an enormous windfall.

SO! I'd like to say that HOLY CRAP I CAN GET A FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP NOW but what would even be the point? I'm now so used to running on like five hours of sleep that I couldn't get to sleep last night until like one, and then I woke up at six and was a-ok all day. Yes. Exciting.

Also! There is now art up on my DeviantArt account. So if you'd like to check out the crap drawry things I use to fill up my spare time when I'm not writing, rehearsing, performing, studying, or competing ('cause there's so much of it), there it is. Go ahead. (that's only the good stuff anyway, so ha! You no can has making massive fun of Annie. Only large amounts, not massive.)

So yeah. I have no idea what to do with myself anymore. I don't have to practice dance steps. I don't have to clamp together platforms to make a makeshift stage. I don't have to sew buttons back onto shoddily-made but very pretty Chinese shirts. i don't have to help anyone get dressed and I am no longer at school for 12+ hours every day.


But I'll get over it.


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