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Things actually said today in class:

-Religion is JUST like sexual assault.

-Uncle Mexico needs you!

-I'm in love with Jonathan Coulton the same way I'm in love with George Washington.

-Hi ho Silver!
(Silver, dude, he just called you a ho.)

Keep in mind, this is a six-hour Honors summer school course taken by what are generally acknowledged to be the smart kids. Yes. (As a fun game, try to guess which ones I personally said.)

ALSO man, I have had way too much fun these last two chapters of FWOAP with minor characters. Nathan and Marco's entirely different ways of freaking out about the same thing amuse the hell out of me.

also that last one about hi ho silver was not actually said. But for some reason, I wrote it down and put it in the same place as the others. Not sure why. It is amusing, though.
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I just spent the last two days writing a lecture on art fundamentals. I covered techniques and art forms, and Decker is going to go over the history once I'm done.

I have the best examples ever. Seriously. They're basically flash cards, only they're kind of more complex than flash cards usually are. And then I have origami to illustrate forms, and some crochet for when I talk about textiles, and a picture of a mime from the New York subway for when I talk about Performance Art. I couldn't find any clay or crayons, but I think I got examples of every other type of medium except for some of the weirder paints that, honestly, no one could be expected to have lying around.

I also gave in and drew a picture of Ford as a girl. And then I drew the Hartigan sisters. It's awesome. And hot.

(also I finished watching all the commentary on Buffy seasons I had. Man. Sad! And hilarious. "Dear Drew, I love Clem. Thank you. Good bye.")
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Yeah, so, guess who's captain of the South Mountain Academic Decathlon team? Yeah, that'd be me.

Basically, this means I get to have a buttload of responsibility and extra work, but! I get to insist new team members (and the old team members I can convince to do so) call me Captain. Or some variation of that. So yeah. There's that.

Oh, and we took tenth in the state, best we've ever done, this year's captain broke seven thousand again and reset the highest score ever recieved by a member of our team blah blah we dyed our coach's hair pink. And he bought like three of our team members shoes. It was great.
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So. Flower Drum Song is finally over. After State next weekend, I will officially have no pressing engagements until next year, assuming none of my friends/family do something monumentally stupid or I come into an enormous windfall.

SO! I'd like to say that HOLY CRAP I CAN GET A FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP NOW but what would even be the point? I'm now so used to running on like five hours of sleep that I couldn't get to sleep last night until like one, and then I woke up at six and was a-ok all day. Yes. Exciting.

Also! There is now art up on my DeviantArt account. So if you'd like to check out the crap drawry things I use to fill up my spare time when I'm not writing, rehearsing, performing, studying, or competing ('cause there's so much of it), there it is. Go ahead. (that's only the good stuff anyway, so ha! You no can has making massive fun of Annie. Only large amounts, not massive.)

So yeah. I have no idea what to do with myself anymore. I don't have to practice dance steps. I don't have to clamp together platforms to make a makeshift stage. I don't have to sew buttons back onto shoddily-made but very pretty Chinese shirts. i don't have to help anyone get dressed and I am no longer at school for 12+ hours every day.


But I'll get over it.
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So today was the regional competition for Academic Decathlon, and we did pretty well. I got bronzes in Economics and Essay, I screamed really loudly, and, oh yeah, WE TOOK DISTRICT. Like, we won by 2000 points. And a 2000 point margin when it's out of 60000 is pretty good. Especially since we weren't sure we had won.

We also had the highest scorer at the competition (our captain, Rachel), and we won Super Quiz and stole the goddamn trophy practically out of Shadow Mountain's hands.

Decker, our coach, cried. Not kidding. Fifty year old six foot six white man in a Hawaiian shirt trying not to cry as they hand him this four and a half foot trophy. Seriously, it was awesome.

So now, not only do I get three hundred dollars cash (well, check, really--the important thing is that it's money I can actually spend), I also get a $2000 a year renewable scholarship. And a dozen candy bars.

Also, gloating rights for forever--it was my first year on the team and I broke 6 thousand. Elizabeth, who has been in the class for four years and just managed to make the team, also broke six for the first time. Brina, who is on the team for the second year in a row and her third year in the class, hasn't ever broke six.

So basically, I win.

Except, State is over Spring Break...the same weekend I was supposed to go to New York. Good thing I haven't been keeping up on my payments, eh? Oh well. Can't very well let Decker down now.



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