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Life is odd.

Rediscovered joy of Game Boy. Not a good time to do so, because I have to watch Camacho's Hellsing, Kevin's Angelic Layer, and Mary's Cowboy Bebop. Not to mention try to write and finish something publishable, and get enough sleep so I don't die at school.

Must also start packing lunch. Early lunch plus eight full hours of school plus no money to go the the store or ride the bus home equals a very hungry Annie.

Went a whole week, saw everyone I know, many I don't know, and a few new kids. Everyone, that is, except Aaron Chee. I've seen his friends! But not him.

Actually, come to think of it, I haven't seen Ayla either. Maybe I'm just doomed to not see seniors?

And I need to do my AcaDec work. But I lost my book.

WHY DO I HAVE A LIFE? I don't want one!

ps finally read the princess bride book. then watched movie again. I don't know which I like best. I'm just going to go with OMG LOVE~<3!
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So about that last post.

That was clearly not me, and, as I'm sure most of you could tell, was The Boy.

Please don't ask.


And school started today. Drama is still the best part of the day, but I seem to have gotten all the cool teachers, so that's okay.
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Okay, so, while I have gotten very far in Kingdom of Loathing, I have not been keeping up at all with LiveJournal. Which is, for sure, utterly deplorable given the three to six hours daily I've been on the Internet for the past two-three weeks.

But anyway! I went to pick up my schedule yesterday, and because of how sucky the scheduling is for a: drama magnets and b: smart kids at my school, where I am most definitely a member of both groups, mainly because I know basic grammar and don't spell "South" "souf", I cannot take academic decathalon OR musical theater. And I have first lunch, and trust me, only lame people have first lunch.

BUT ANYWAY. While I was there, waiting in the counselor's office to make FOR SURE that I couldn't have Musical Theater (stupid honors geometry. I should've taken you last year anyway!) I ran into a bunch of other sophomores/people who were in Cats with me and also a dance magnet who is on my bus and is one of the rather more tolerable people who ride my bus. And a good thing too, because we waited for an HOUR to see our counselors. Hmm, do you think maybe there's something wrong with the scheduling system? ANYWAY. After I made SURE I couldn't get musical theater, I went to try to go get my books, but since they were out to lunch, hung out with Lamar until they opened again. And who should walk by us but Ms. St. John, head of the drama department!

Evidently, there was a meeting for the drama kids that same day at two, just an hour and a half from then. Amazing! So we went and long story short, we're (all nine of us who showed up) doing a skit about the dress code. But, being drama students, made it somehow not boring. Mostly by having seven of us walk into a classroom on stage grossly out of dress code and practically give the teacher (played very convincingly by Lamar) a heart attack. So six out of the seven get sent to the office, and I am one of them, because my skirt is WAY too short (I actually had to doctor one of my skorts to get it to look like a really short skirt--yay safety pins) and I'm also chewing gum. It has the lame school spirit ending, but since it's for the freshmen, they won't know the difference it's actually informative, 'cause we're awesome like that. Once we figured out who was doing what violations, we basically improved the whole skit, with minimal suggestions from Ms. McKenna. Because we rock.

And somehow, because of the gum-popping and short-skirt wearing, I play a slut pink lady. It's fun because I get to be obnoxious.

....And in non-drama-slash-school-related news, I'm almost done sewing an (incredibly awesome and paisley) vest. And...um. My kitten is pretty grown up now. And....um...It wasn't completely being around Aaron Chee even though the last time I asked him out. And since I'm boring, that's it.
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Alright, can someone please tell me why everyone else is complaining about a heat wave? IT'S SUMMER. DEAL WITH IT. Oh, it's so hot, it got up to like 100, and with the humidity and the heat index and whatnot, it felt like 106!

PSHAW. Do you know how happy we are here in Phoenix when we hear that it's going to be 102 over the weekend? 102 IS NICE TO US. You can complain about the heat when it's 115 for a WEEK STRAIGHT. Sheesh.

(Because if you're going to make fun of me in the winter for complaining about it getting into the high 30s when you have 3, I'm going to make fun of you for complaining about heatstroke at 100. Seriously, who gets heatstroke at 100? I sit and wait for the bus for twenty minutes in all black when it's 110, and I don't get heatstroke.)

Anyway, in non-I-sound-kinda-pissy news....

I asked a boy out. Not just a boy, but Aaron Chee. And if you knew him, this would mean a lot. Because he didn't say no. I mean, granted, he didn't say yes, either (for I am doomed to receive lame, cop-out answers like "I'll get back to you" (while getting phone number and email address!)) But not saying no is pretty amazing. For his whole being Aaron Chee thing.

So anyway, I'm totally not obsessed or anything.

AND! I read all the way through a 97 page forum post! (It was the dares thread for last year's NaNo). It took three weeks, sure, but I did it. Which is what's important.
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Okay, from now on, Aaron Chee is now officially a top-drawer squash player. From Malaysia.

Google it! 'Sthe truth.


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